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My newest full length album is out now!

I'm very proud to announce, T H E S I S.

T H E S I S is an album that is the product of years of experimentation and endless knowledge-seeking. I set out in late 2016 with the idea of creating an album that was a sort of benchmark for my abilities as a composer - utilizing the tools and lessons I've learned up to this point in my career.

I wanted to see how far I'd come, and how far I could still go.

I wanted it to be personal.

Album art by Anders Lönnfeldt

Album art by Anders Lönnfeldt

With my goal being to create something showcasing the extent of my abilities in the cinematic and ambient genres, I struggled more with this project than any other. It's sometimes hard to accept your limitations or to work through them in the pursuit of something that is better than "good enough".

It was a humbling experience, but also one of which I am extremely proud.

I hope you enjoy my thesis, my journey so far, my heart poured into audio waves, my take on cinematic music as a crucial support for storytelling, 




Introducing: Sonespheres 01 - Distance


Introducing: Sonespheres 01 - Distance

In 2016, Mike Peaslee (of Soundiron) and I discussed the possibility of working on a nuanced sound design library that would capture the sort of textural layering I record in my music.

From those discussions, the idea grew for this first volume in the Sonespheres series.

I'm proud to announce that, Distance, is available now from Soundiron.com.

Sonespheres 01 - Distance is a handcrafted collection of bespoke sound designed instruments derived from Soundiron's vast catalogue and my own sample recordings for this project. The material covered ranges from solo effected instruments to warm, beautiful pads and more.

All in, there is more than 1GB of content and some 305 long-looping 24/48 wav files, scripted for Kontakt (full version, 5.5.2+), but can also be dropped right into your DAW project since they are open format. 


My hope is that you as musicians will use these sounds as the hazy, ethereal, ambiguous base, on which to bring into sharp focus your own artistic visions - Be it in support or your stories, or those of the others with whom you work.

In Distance, I’ve tried to be thorough without being repetitive - to offer sounds that might work in a range of production styles and musical sensibilities. From longing solo instruments and heartbreaking pads to tense bowed textures and forward-leaning rhythms, I truly hope there’s something here for everyone.


Thank you to the Soundiron team for their technological wizardry, wonderful catalog and their ability to maintain humanity in what could easily become a robotic effort. The massive task they undertake with each release makes me feel incredibly lucky and appreciative to be living as a composer in this era. A special thank you to Mike Peaslee for reaching out to me after hearing my work and asking me to assist in the vision of this project. His guidance on library development and his shepherding me with patience, openness and an appreciation for the art of music is the only way any of this was possible.



new spitfire audio uacc touchosc template

Here is a new TouchOSC template for Spitfire Audio BML Sable/Chamber Strings

Here's the overview of the template...

Here's a close-up view of the template with some explanation...

For any questions on UACC or TouchOSC, check out these links:


Spitfire Audio has created a new articulation switching method, known as the UACC (Universal Articulation Controller Channel), to be used as a standard across their libraries.

It's currently at v2.

For more information on the nuts and bolts of how it works, and the philosophy behind it, please see these links:

UACC - A New Proposed Standard

Tutorials - Spitfire Audio - Changing Articulations

Current UACC spec v2


TouchOSC is an app for iOS and Android that relays OSC or MIDI values to a host DAW (via TouchOSC Bridge) over WiFi or USB.

Users may make various templates for their instruments/projects via a desktop program (TouchOSC Editor), and upload them to the mobile device that will be used as a controller.

For more information on how to setup TouchOSC, TouchOSC Editor and the TouchOSC Bridge applications, please see:

Hexler TouchOSC

* Don't forget to select "Locked to UACC" in the Kontakt performance view of each patch you load to use with this.



spitfire audio | bml sable legato and mics

"Absolution" is a piece written for strings and programmed and recorded using Spitfire Audio's BML Sable library (full).

I used the combo Legato patches for each section, except the Basses, which use just the Fingered Legato patch.


Here's my final mix (using Close and Outrigger mics):


And for comparison/contrast, here are the mic positions individually playing an excerpt:


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solis aeterni | for solo soprano and orchestra


Solis Aeterni is a short piece I recently wrote as a demo for a new (solo soprano) sample library by Realitone.

The text is Latin (and possibly a clumsy translation):

Solis Aeterni
Moveat et in orbem terrae

Which roughly translates to 

Eternal Sun
Moving around with the Earth 

Which is based loosely on, but fully in the spirit of, this writing by the writer/preservationist John Muir:

This grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never all dried at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eternal sunset, eternal dawn and gloaming, on seas and continents and islands, each in its turn, as the round earth rolls.


Title Page

Title Page


Disclaimer: This score is provided for study purposes only, and may not be copied, performed or distributed without prior written consent by Blake Ewing Music.

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