Here is a new TouchOSC template for Spitfire Audio BML Sable/Chamber Strings

Here's the overview of the template...

Here's a close-up view of the template with some explanation...

For any questions on UACC or TouchOSC, check out these links:


Spitfire Audio has created a new articulation switching method, known as the UACC (Universal Articulation Controller Channel), to be used as a standard across their libraries.

It's currently at v2.

For more information on the nuts and bolts of how it works, and the philosophy behind it, please see these links:

UACC - A New Proposed Standard

Tutorials - Spitfire Audio - Changing Articulations

Current UACC spec v2


TouchOSC is an app for iOS and Android that relays OSC or MIDI values to a host DAW (via TouchOSC Bridge) over WiFi or USB.

Users may make various templates for their instruments/projects via a desktop program (TouchOSC Editor), and upload them to the mobile device that will be used as a controller.

For more information on how to setup TouchOSC, TouchOSC Editor and the TouchOSC Bridge applications, please see:

Hexler TouchOSC

* Don't forget to select "Locked to UACC" in the Kontakt performance view of each patch you load to use with this.